AAFA - Army Australian Football Association
The 2018 National carnival was held in Melbourne over the period 18-24 March 2018. Army once again dominated the competition with strong wins over both Navy and Airforce to retain both the Smails and Ledger Cups. Congratulations to both teams on another successful campaign.

 18 March 2018

Army 5.7.37 def Navy 1.0.6
Goal Kickers: Montana Dove, Pamela Amber, Rae Young, Elizabeth Drake, Blaire Harris

Best Player: Rhiannon Busch

Army 13.10.88 def Navy 9.7.61
Goal Kickers: Dale Chivas, Josh Cheek, Kan Tyson 2, Sam Tonkes, Sam Howard, Brenton Ogle, Beau Black, Joseph Groenewegen, Broderick Hardacre 1

Best Player: Joseph Groenewegen

24 March 2018

Army 3.12.30 def RAAF 0.1.1
Goal Kickers: Pamela Amber, Rae Young, Clare Osler

Best Player: Blaire Harris

Army 23.18.156 def RAAF 4.6.30
Goal Kickers: Sam Osborn 6, Sam Tonkes, Kane Tyson 3, Joseph Groenewegen, Sam Howard, Coby Dudman, Matt Hood 2, Aaron Townsend, Connor Bramich, Jack Lush 1

Best Player: Coby Dudman

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